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What nonprofits can do during tougher economic times

AS CONCERNS RISE THAT THE nation could be headed for a recession, leaders of nonprofit organizations may find out just how well they can weather the misery brought about by an economic storm. When the economy goes sour, the demand will become even greater for the services those nonprofits provide. “The people who are hit the hardest by tough times are […]


Involved in a collision?
Your car is safer to drive when it’s repaired at a certified dealer’s body shop

Fewer than 1 out of 5 vehicles involved in crashes are repaired at a dealership certified by the manufacturer of that vehicle. Most insurance-owned body shops and independently owned body shops will use the cheapest fenders, bumpers, roof and door panels and other crash parts to repair your car. These parts aren’t made by the manufacturer of your car and […]

Positive company CULTURE

Misunderstanding workplace culture can be costly to companies

THE SUBJECT OF WORKPLACE CULTURE GETS A LOT OF attention these days. Its importance in the life of a business has seemed to increase in the wake of the Great Resignation and the culture-related reasons why millions of people have left their jobs. Adding fuel to the fire are some misconceptions companies have about workplace culture that are harming their […]

Storm Smart acquires Steadfast Inc.

Storm Smart, the largest storm-protection and lifestyle-enhancement company in Florida, has acquired Steadfast Inc., one of the leading hurricane screen and shutter suppliers in Palm Beach County. The transaction strengthens the combined businesses’ presence across Florida. Based in Fort Myers, Storm Smart provides homeowners and businesses with innovative hurricane protection and lifestyle improvement solutions, professional installations and boasts that it […]


You were overcharged when you bought your leased car
Participate in a class-action lawsuit to repay you

Almost one-third of all vehicles on the road are leased. All lease contracts include an option to purchase the vehicle at a price predetermined by the leasing company. Many lessees don’t know about their option to purchase at a specific price. Those who do know are usually unaware that the dealer and leasing company cannot increase the purchase option price […]


Great tips to help you in your quest

IT’S AN ONGOING DEBATE: OR BORN? ARE GREAT LEADERS MADE It’s a bit of a trick question. The answer is both. One study shows that leadership is only 30% genetic and 70% learned. While cases have been made that both nature and nurture are responsible, those who aspire to high-level leadership positions should never stop learning or developing the traits […]


Punishment should fit crime — and criminal’s pocketbook

Have you ever wondered why 95% of all drivers routinely exceed the speed limit? Not only do most drivers wantonly exceed most speed limits, but it’s often dangerous if you don’t speed when everyone else is speeding. According to, the average speeding fine in most states is only $150. This cost is relatively low to the average car owner, […]


How the technology is changing project management

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed how important it is for businesses to adopt digital processes. Many companies closed largely because they didn’t digitize, but for other firms, the pandemic accelerated their digital transformation. In the midst of this massive change, project management’s role has shifted but remains crucial to helping improve overall efficiency and business performance, says Denise Brinkmeyer, president […]

Impact the Palm Beaches names president

Lauren Sterlacci will serve as the 2022-2023 president of Impact the Palm Beaches. Founded in 2015, Impact the Palm Beaches is where women collectively give to nonprofits in Central and Northern Palm Beach County to ignite transformational change. Ms. Sterlacci, a retired financial executive, is a founding member and sponsor of Impact the Palm Beaches. She has served on the […]


Full disclosure and transparency or digital deception and opaqueness

Recently, a woman called into my weekly radio talk-show, “Earl on Cars,” and told us of a bad experience her young son had in purchasing a new car. He purchased a new Kia and brought it home for his mother to see. She asked him how much he’d paid for the Kia, but he was “kind of vague” about the […]

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