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Restaurants offer a couple of cocktails worth chilling over



It’s getting just warm enough that we need to chill a bit.

With that in mind, a couple of restaurants are offering some refreshing beverages that punch a punch.

First up: The Absolut Antioxidant from Prosecco Café in Palm Beach Gardens.

Billed as a potent pick-me-up, the drink contains Absolut Blueberry Acai Vodka and blueberries, and the marketing folks are touting the anti-inflammatory benefits of basil and sweet mint, plus Felix Lingonberry Jam. Is it good for you? We can’t say. But it certainly sounds tasty.

It’s $10 at Prosecco Café, PGA Commons, 4580 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens; 561-622-3222 or

Next: The Jupiter Elixir from 1000 North.

All-natural elderberry extract packs powerful vitamins and antioxidants, which combine with probiotic power of tequila and the calming qualities of mint, fortified with a lemon and grapefruit tonic. Got all that? If the cocktail isn’t good for you, the water views certainly are.

It’s $18 at 1000 North, 1000 U.S. 1, Jupiter; 561-570-1000 or ¦

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