2012-06-07 / Business News

Clerk offers free app to calculate closing costs


Clerk Sharon Bock has an app for prospective Palm Beach County homebuyers who want to know how much they will pay for recording fees, doc stamps, abstract fees and other charges due at closing.

The cost to record a mortgage, deed and other documents can add hundreds — even thousands — of dollars to the cost of a new home. Now buyers can know exactly how much they’ll pay in fees by using Clerk-Culator, a free smartphone app developed by the clerk’s office.

Clerk-Culator, available for free download on iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets, allows users to figure what they’ll pay when recording deeds, mortgages and other documents at the clerk’s office. No other smartphone app of its kind is currently available in the Android, iPhone and iPad app stores.

In addition to the benefits it offers to homebuyers, the new app makes it easy for real estate professionals — Realtors, title company employees and attorneys — to quickly tabulate fees on the go, or at their desks.

For more information about the clerk’s office, see mypalmbeachclerk.com or call 355-2996. ¦

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